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Let Us Manage Your Star Rental Property

Are you looking to hire a property manager in Star, Id? If you are, then turn to the experts at Keyrenter Property Management Boise!

A lot of times, property investors can end up sacrificing more time than they expect when managing their rental units. With Keyrenter Boise as your main support, you can treat your Star rental property as a passive income. We’ll handle the daily management tasks, keep your property in top condition and continue building its value so your tenants stay longer.

We perform effective marketing, comprehensive tenant screening, prompt rent collection, and regular property maintenance to ensure that your rental business is performing well. We aim to help rental property owners achieve their financial investment targets and optimize their income. We’re committed to helping you manage your property investment and providing you with peace of mind.

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Keyrenter Boise is equipped to take care of single-family homes, condo units, or multi-family buildings and duplexes. Our team of property managers treats the rental as one of our own. We put our professional skills to work, apply our local expertise, and provide excellent customer service to you and your tenants.

Keyrenter Boise is also great at mitigating risks to our clients. We do this by offering several guarantees.

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Here are the guarantees we have in place to protect our clients:

  • Eviction Guarantee – We provide coverage of up to $1,000 of eviction costs for tenants we selected to occupy your unit.
  • Pet Guarantee – We provide coverage for up to $1,000 in pet damage even if we conducted a pet screening.
  • Tenant Guarantee – We provide 1.5 months worth of rent when a tenant breaks the lease early and we also handle tenant replacement without charging you a fee.
  • Maintenance Guarantee – We rely on our vendor network when coordinating property repairs but in the event of an error, we arrange for another round of repairs without charging you.

At Keyrenter Boise, we provide reasonable pricing plans for our high-quality property management services. We also offer a discount when you let us manage multiple properties. Let us handle your Star rental properties. Contact us today at (208) 856 8000 or email us at [email protected] to learn more!

Our Star Property Management Services

Keyrenter Boise protects property owners by responding to their marketing needs, focusing on tenant screening, collecting rent on time, and allotting sufficient time for proper rental inspections, and routine property maintenance and repair.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy if you engage our property management services:

Marketing of Your Rental Property

Keyrenter Boise tries as much as possible to eliminate income interruptions for your Star rental home. We dedicate our time to finding qualified tenants right away. We start by ensuring that the property is ready to rent.

From there we’ll take quality photos, that highlight your property’s best features and use this when advertising your rental. We also take the time to conduct rent analysis to ensure an accurate rental rate is set while considering the current market trends.

We use many trusted real estate websites to advertise and increase your property exposure to find quality leads faster. By landing a tenant quickly, you can maintain a steady passive income.

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Screening Tenants Thoroughly

Once prospects fill out a rental application for your Star investment property, Keyrenter Boise applies the 14-step tenant screening program to filter through the best ones. We look for tenants that pay on time, care for the rental unit reasonably and follow the leasing agreement policies.

We also study an applicant’s tenant history, credit score, employment history, and income to determine if they’re the right fit. Contacting previous landlords is another method we incorporate into our screening procedure to acquire more information that makes decision-making easier.

Crafting a Leasing Agreement

A leasing agreement is a binding document and can be used as proof should a renter file a case against you. For your Star rental home, Keyrenter Boise creates a clear and detailed lease that contains terms and conditions that will help protect your rental property.

With our experience in the industry, we’re able to make sound leases and recommend the best policies to include. We can also customize it based on the owner’s conditions.

You can rest assured that your team is always keeping local and federal landlord-tenant laws in mind when drafting and enforcing leases. By having a comprehensive lease your limit instances of conflict during a tenancy period.

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Maintaining and Repairing Property

Without a proper maintenance program for your Star rental, you can fail to attract new tenants or find your renters not renewing leases. Keyrenter Boise keeps your unit in outstanding condition and we commit to doing all the required property maintenance tasks to keep its value up.

We arrange for consistent property inspections and if any property issues are reported or observed, we coordinate for repairs right away.

Financial Reporting

Keeping your financial records organized is easy with Keyrenter Boise providing an online portal where you can view accurate financial reports and regular monthly statements. Part of our service is also giving out annual tax documents to assist homeowners in tax filing.

About Star, Idaho

Star, ID is a city situated in Ada County with areas extending into Canyon County. Its name was derived from a star landmark on a schoolhouse that travelers in the 19th century used as a marking point for direction.

Residents appreciate living in Star, Idaho for its tranquil environment, warm community, and wonderful weather. It also has stunning scenery and is rapidly growing. This charming town is ideal for families or anyone looking to establish roots. The neighborhoods are also clean and maintained well and offer numerous outdoor activities provided by its beautiful natural landscapes.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Areas We Serve

In addition to Star, we are proud to serve the following areas in Idaho: Ada-County, Caldwell, Eagle, Garden City, Kuna, Meridian, Nampa, and Middleton. Keyrenter Boise is also constantly expanding to cover more areas.