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Being a landlord is more than just finding a tenant and collecting rent. To be successful, you need to know how to find the right tenants, handle maintenance, and, among other things, understand your legal obligations.

But worry not! KeyRenter Boise is at your service. We can help landlords and property investors like you manage their property reliably and professionally. We have successfully managed over 500 homes so far; we can surely do the same for you.

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We specialize in managing all types of rental properties, like single-family homes, condos, apartments, and multi-family units.
Ready to get started? If you are, you can reach us by dialing (208) 856-8000 or by sending us an email [email protected]. We’ll be happy to customize your package right away

Our Property Management Services

The property management services offered by our dedicated property managers are designed to be comprehensive but still able to adapt to your unique needs. Here is a list of some of the services we offer our clients:

Screening Prospective Tenants

Our goal is to only rent to tenants who will respect your investment. After all, buying an investment property is a huge financial undertaking. It’s for this reason that KeyRenter Boise requires all our prospects to undergo a rigorous screening process.
Our comprehensive tenant screening process is designed to sift out any potentially difficult tenants. We only schedule a showing for prospects that have undergone our 14-step screening process.

Consequently, our carefully curated screening process aims to land tenants that possess the following qualities.

  • Have a stable employment history.
  • Have a good rental background.
  • Earn sufficient income to pay rent without issues.
  • Have a good credit rating as an indicator to their financial savviness.
  • Have no prior relevant convictions.

Creating a Rental Agreement

To have the best experience as a landlord, you’ll need a solid lease agreement. The problem is, if you’re just starting out, you may not know what terms to include to make it so. This can create a number of problems in the future. Or it may not hold up from a legal perspective.
As experts in property management, KeyRenter Boise knows how to create the perfect lease that will protect you and your investment while still adhering to the Fair Housing Laws. When drafting the lease, our aim will be to protect you and your investment.

Marketing the Property

To maximize your ROI, you’ll need to quickly replace any tenants who leave, so as to keep your losses as minimal as possible. Finding a tenant, however, can be anything but easy. If you don’t know how to create a stunning rental listing, then you may need assistance.
But worry no more, KeyRenter Boise can help you in this regard. We use online resources, local classifieds, and other advertising features to reach prospective tenants. In fact, in most cases, we’re able to land tenants in just a matter of weeks.


Maintaining the Property

Preserving the value of your rental property is key to long-term profitability. That’s why, at KeyRenter Boise, we regularly inspect our clients’ rentals and respond to tenants’ maintenance issues.

We utilize our proven vendor network to ensure repairs are done on time and professionally. In case a maintenance issue isn’t fixed correctly, we’ll have it fixed at no extra cost to you.

Conducting Evictions

Our 14-step screening process is time tested! It’s effective so much so that our eviction rate is under 1%. But should we have to evict a tenant we placed; we’ll cover your eviction costs up to $1,500.

Collecting the Rent

Collecting rent is one of the most important aspects of property management. The goal is to ensure that rent collection is consistent month after month. But this is not always easy, especially if you don’t have a proven screening process.

When you partner with us, you can rest assured that we’ll place the right tenants that can guarantee on-time payments. Which is why our tenant screening process primarily focusses on things like:

  • How reliable a tenant has been in the past in regard to rent payment.
  • Whether a tenant has a stable employment background.
  • Whether a tenant makes sufficient income to afford the rent payments.

In addition to this, we also simplify rent payments for our tenants by requiring them to pay rent online.

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About Nampa, Idaho

Nampa is the largest city in Canyon County, Idaho and its home to just over 100,000 people. Nampa is known manufacturing, agribusiness, and food processing companies. But other industries are emerging quickly such as: healthcare, recreation technology, and back office/shared services.

Nampa is also home to some of the most successful companies in the country. Including, Woodgrain Millwork, Great American Snacks, Plexus Corporation, Amalgamated Sugar, Fleetwood Homes, ON Semiconductor, and Union Pacific Systems.

Nampa is also laden with beautiful attractions. Such as, Lake Lowell, Warhawk Air Museum, Wilson Springs Ponds, and Indian Creek Winery.

Source: Wikipedia

Areas we Service

We service the areas of Boise, Caldwell, Eagle, Garden City, Kuna, Meridian, Middleton, Nampa, and Star. KeyRenter Boise is also constantly expanding to cover more areas.

Our Services

What Separates Us From Other Property Management Companies in Nampa

Our property management team specializes in residential areas throughout Nampa, ID. We offer multiple services to take your rental property and convert it into reliable income. We have a thorough screening process that helps to identify the right tenants for your property. Our team works hard to keep both parties happy through effective communication, bullet proof lease agreements, and timely monthly rent collection. We offer maintenance services to enhance the property and ensure that it will retain or increase in value. We oversee everything, allowing you to sit back and relax and know that your property and your tenants are in good hands.

Contact us today if you are ready to receive a comprehensive analysis of your rental property and to inquire about our Nampa area property management services.