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With a population of almost 12.000 residents, located in Ada County, and with public schools rated above average, Garden City could be the ideal place for you and your family to move in. Every resident is within easy walking distance of the abundant wildlife and recreational opportunities afforded by the wooded Boise River.

The boundaries between Boise and Garden City are only evident to the knowledgeable observer, as they both blend smoothly, making it so all the amenities offered in Boise are also available for the Garden City residents.

The River Club, located on the north edge of the city, is one of Idaho’s longest continually operating golf courses.

The city’s greenbelt path runs almost continuously from its eastern boundary along the south side of the Boise River to the western city limits, where it meets up with the Boise City leg.

Thousands of visitors come to enjoy the races offered at Les Bois Horse Racing Track and the ball games at the Boise Hawks Baseball Stadium. The City Hall and library complex are major attractions as well.

Ranked #3 on the Best suburbs to live in Idaho and best suburbs for young professionals it has a lot to offer to its residents. The median home price for Garden City is close to $514.000 and the median rent for a 2 bedroom apartment or home is about $1.000. 

Garden City is known for its craft breweries and winery tasting rooms, as well as its music venues. 

Outdoor lovers enjoy the rapids along the Boise River, especially kayakers, paddleboarders, and surfers. If you are more into cycling and jogging, then the Boise River Greenbelt trail could be just what you need.

More than 100 years ago, Garden City was an actual garden.

In 1890, Thomas J. Davis bought more than 600 acres in what is now the Garden City area and began leasing the property to Chinese immigrants. Back in the late 19th and early 20th century, hundreds of Chinese immigrants lived in this area as laborers, shop owners, and gold miners. In Garden City, they transformed Davis’s property into fields full of strawberries, onions, and even hogs.

These resourceful immigrants let nothing go to waste: They started a garbage collection service in Boise, sorted through the solid waste, and fed their hogs whatever was edible. Their riverside farms gave Chinden Boulevard its name — a mashup of the words “Chinese” and “gardens.”

Although the large farms are now gone, Garden City still retains its heritage with green spaces along the river and a thriving environment for entrepreneurs.

Cruise down Chinden Boulevard and you’ll drive through what used to be acres upon acres of riverside fields. You’ll see historic neon signs, a hand-built log cabin, and traces of the city’s pioneer past. Garden City is always evolving, but its history is everywhere. 

If you feel that Garden City could be exactly what you’re looking for, give us a call, we currently have lots of rentals in this area and one of them could be waiting for you.

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