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The goal of any Garden City property investment is to produce passive income. Giving the investor time to pursue other opportunities.

So, if you’re looking to reduce the time you spend managing your property, you can reach out to Keyrenter Boise for a committed approach to property management. Investors can enjoy having peace of mind as we market your vacant unit, screen the prospective renters, collect the rent efficiently and keep up with the outstanding maintenance of your property.

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As your professional representative, we can handle all your tenant concerns and requests. We’re also focused on work optimizing your earnings. Consistent income comes from a well-tended property and well-taken care tenants, and we commit to doing that.

We handle single-family homes, condo units, or multi-family buildings and duplexes. Keyrenter Boise protects our valued clients with our local expertise, knowledge of property laws, and professional skills in managing a rental.

Keyrenter Boise offers the following guarantees to reduce the worries and risks faced by property investors:

  1. Eviction guarantee – Up to $1,000 coverage of eviction costs for tenants we’ve placed.
  2. Pet guarantee – Up to $1,000 coverage in pet damage; pet screening is also conducted.
  3. Tenant guarantee – Offer of 1.5 months of rent coverage should a tenant we placed leave early and no additional fee as we find a replacement.
  4. Maintenance guarantee – Connecting with a solid vendor network for repairs but if repairs are done incorrectly, no charge will be asked to fix it again.

Keyrenter Boise provides a straightforward fee structure so our partners can enjoy savings, as we offer our property management expertise. We will take all late-night emergency calls and provide advanced software and proper accounting.

In return, you avoid costly mistakes. We also offer discounts for managing multiple properties in Garden City. Contact us today at (208) 856-8000 or email us at [email protected]

Our Property Management Services

At Keyrenter Boise, we focus on reducing the stress of self-managing landlords in Garden City through strategic marketing, detailed tenant screening, prompt rent collection, regular property maintenance and repair, and rental inspections.

Marketing Your Rental Property

Without renters in your Garden City rental home, your investment won’t realize its potential. At Keyrenter Boise, we help by marketing the property to the right demographics as we stage the property and produce high-definition photos that capture the attention of the target market.

We also conduct a thorough rent analysis to study the features of your home, check the current market demand, and assign a rent value that’s optimal for you. Ads are distributed through highly visible real estate websites to gain a sizable pool of prospects where the best quality renter is selected. Tenant guarantee is further offered to reduce your risks in case a tenant moves out.

Property Marketing

Screening Potential Tenants

Once our marketing finds a group of seemingly valuable prospects, it’s time to perform tenant screening. At Keyrenter Boise, we don’t welcome just anyone in your Garden City rental home. We take time to run a 14-step tenant screening program to qualify applicants. The objective is to place the right tenants on your property.

We also contact previous landlords to find more details about the tenant. Our goal is to find responsible renters who comply with the property policies, pay on time, and respect the covenant of quiet enjoyment of other tenants.

Crafting a Leasing Agreement

If you don’t have a leasing agreement in your Garden City rental home, many conflicts can arise. Keyrenter Boise assists in crafting a suitable lease that’s specific to the terms you want. We are familiar with property policies and can customize one that matches your conditions. The lease we’ll provide to your renters will detail the rights and responsibilities of both the owner and renters.

Maintaining & Repairing the Property

To retain the best renters in your Garden City rental home, it must be in top condition. Keyrenter Boise handles routine property inspections, conducts repairs and maintenance, and sees to it that damages are fixed right away.

We avoid letting minor issues lead to more expensive repairs for property owners. We attend to maintenance requests and get in touch with our trusted network to deal with property problems promptly.

Reporting on Finances

When you’re busy running your Garden City rental home, you may miss keeping your important financial records in order. With Keyrenter Boise as your partner, you can easily access vital financial reports and monthly statements through an online portal. We’re also available to assist during the busy tax season to save you time.

Financial Reporting

About Garden City, Idaho

Garden City is situated in Ada County and is named for gardens tended by Chinese immigrants residing in the area. Garden City is considered to be part of the Boise metro area. It encompasses a total area of 4.17 square miles, where 4.04 square miles are covered in land while the rest of 0.13 square miles is made up of water.

Residents appreciate living in Garden City for its scenic parks and great natural environment. Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the variety of activities available here. It’s an ideal base for families, students, and retirees since the neighborhood is centrally located and the crime rate remains low.

Here are interesting things to see in Garden City, Idaho:

1. Boise River Greenbelt
2. Garden City Artisans Pathway
3. Ann Morrison Park
4. Westy’s Garden Lanes
5. Old Idaho Penitentiary
6. Idaho Botanical Garden
7. Freak Alley
8. Bogus Basin
9. Boise Art Museum
10. River Pointe Park

Source: Wikipedia

Areas we Service

We service the areas of Ada-County, Boise, CaldwellEagleKunaMeridianMiddleton, Nampa, and Star. We are also constantly expanding to cover more areas.