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Let us Manage Your Caldwell Rental Property

Owning a rental home in Caldwell doesn’t have to be a full-time job when you can rely on Keyrenter Boise. We will keep your home superbly attractive and property vacancies at a minimum through our excellent array of rental property management services.

Let Keyrenter Boise property management business handle all of your Caldwell rental property needs and your clients’ concerns. We will work with you to realize your investment goals, provide financial reporting tools and maximize all your earnings through complete rent collection. By landing you great renters who pay on time and keep your property looking great.

We’re open to Caldwell property management of single-family homes, condo units, or multi-family buildings and duplexes. Keyrenter Boise rental property management has a solid reputation in the property management industry and is made up of a professional team who’s well-versed with property laws and familiar with the rental operations.

Caldwell Property Management

We also have local expertise and market knowledge that will serve you well in the long run should your property need to be repaired.

What makes us one of the largest property management companies in the Caldwell is that we reduce the risks that investment property owners face, Keyrenter Boise offers the following Caldwell property management guarantees to our property owners:

      • Eviction Guarantee: We cover up to $1,000 of eviction costs for renters we have placed.
      • Pet Guarantee: Additionally, to conducting a pet screening, we cover up to $1,000 of pet damages.
      • Tenant Guarantee: We provide 1.5 months of rent if a tenant leaves early and we’ll find a replacement without asking for a fee.
      • Maintenance Guarantee: We turn to our solid vendor network for repairs but in the event that repairs are done incorrectly at the rental property address, we fix it with no charge.

At Keyrenter Boise, we also have straightforward pricing plans set at a reasonable cost with high-quality management services and multiple properties get a discount. Contact us today for more information!

Our Property Management Services

At Keyrenter Boise, we provide a great alternative to managing properties alone. We can attend to all your marketing needs, conduct tenant screening, complete rent collection, and attend to all property maintenance, repair, and rental inspections.

Here is some more detail on the benefits and real estate services you’ll enjoy as our valued property management partner:

Marketing Your Rental Properties

Vacancies in your Caldwell rental home can leave an avoidable gap in your income. Which is why Keyrenter Boise’s Caldwell property management prioritizes finding the right occupants in an efficient manner.

We prepare your unit by having it cleaned before we arrange professional, high-quality photography. We then create a video marketing tour to highlight your unit’s superb characteristics.

Once the marketing materials are distributed in the most effective places, our call center will handle any questions and take any good prospects to the next level of the process – tenant screening. Our market analysis helps landlords by giving an optimized rental value. 

Screening Prospective Tenants

Once we have gathered a number of potential renters for your Caldwell rental home, Keyrenter Boise property management will start filtering out the least qualified prospects using our 14-step screening solution. Our goal is to ensure the new tenant is responsible and can pay rent. 

We will review every prospect’s tenant history, credit score, employment and income. Then reach out to former landlords to learn more about the tenant. We aim to place renters who are responsible, follow leasing policies, live in harmony with other tenants or neighbors, and pay rent on time.

Crafting a Leasing Agreement

The goal of a leasing agreement protect you and your Caldwell rental home from conflicts with your tenants and keeps your operation on the right side of the law.

It provides guidance on the terms and conditions and states clearly what is allowed or not allowed in the unit. As well as deciding how much rent to charge. At Keyrenter Boise we are an expert at creating leasing agreements and knows what policies to include. We can also tailor the lease according to your own wishes.

A lease further reduces your risk exposure and outlines specific clauses. A Caldwell property manager will explain and discuss with the tenants the conditions, rights, and responsibilities of both the owner and renters during the lease signing.

Caldwell Lease Agreement

Repairing and Maintaining Properties

Your Caldwell rental home must be looking its best if you want to land high quality renters. So, Keyrenter Boise works hard to keep your rental properties in a peak state. We attend to repairs and perform regular property inspections from move-in and move-out to seasonal ones.

As a property owner, if you or your renters see any minor damage, our Caldwell property managers look to immediately resolve it, minimizing the chance of future costly repairs. We also offer a team of specialists that bring excellent results, especially during emergencies.

Reporting on Your Finances

Managing the finances for your rental business can be a challenge. Which is why, at Keyrenter Boise, a property manager will provide detailed financial reporting tools, send monthly statements and ready financial reports that you can review anytime using an owner portal. We also provide you with creating a monthly rental value and annual tax documents to make tax filing easier.

We make finances easy by allowing you to access everything online through the owner portal. This includes allowing your tenants to pay rent online through our website. 


About Caldwell, ID

Caldwell is considered the county seat of Canyon County as well as a part of the Boise metro area. This city encompasses a total area of 22.11 square miles where 22.06 square miles is land, and the remaining area is water.

Residents appreciate living in Caldwell for its lower cost of living, lower crime rate, and great schools. It also offers a lot of parks and excellent recreation facilities. It’s known as a fast-growing area with a warm community that offers a clean, safe and tranquil environment.

Here are interesting things to see in Caldwell, Idaho:

  1. Indian Creek Park
  2. Hat Ranch Winery
  3. Huston Vineyards
  4. Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge
  5. Sunnyslope Wine Trail
  6. Our Memories Indian Creek Museum
  7. Little Cow Mountain Farm
  8. Whittenberger Planetarium
  9. Indian Creek Plaza
  10. Fujishin Family Cellars

Source: Wikipedia

Idaho Map

Areas we Service

As well as offering Caldwell property management services, Keyrenter Boise services the areas of Ada-County, Boise, EagleGarden CityKunaMeridianMiddletonNampa, and Star. We are also constantly expanding to cover more areas.