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Let Us Manage Your Ada County Rental Property

When you manage a property, you have a lot more to do than collecting your rent. You must ensure your property is well maintained and full of great tenants. Which takes certain skills. In fact, you have to develop a whole range of skills to effectively run an investment property.

But with a competent property management company as your partner, such issues will be a thing of the past. At Keyrenter Boise, we have a team of property managers who are passionate about seeing you succeed. 

Our property management services are designed to take away the stress that comes with managing a rental property. We’ll treat your Ada County rental property like our own and maximize your return on investment.


Currently, we serve over 500 rental investment homes. Our rapid growth is due to our proven track record on performance. We’ll help you fill vacancies quickly, collect rent consistently for you, inspect and maintain your property regularly, and more!

What’s more, most of our property management services are guaranteed to ensure you succeed. The following is the list of guarantees Keyrenter Boise offers tenants.


  • Eviction Guarantee: Although our eviction rates are sub-1%, we’ll still cover your costs up to $1,000 should we have to evict a tenant we’ve placed to your property.
  • Pet Guarantee: Keyrenter Boise guarantees to cover any pet damage up to $1,000.
  • Tenant Guarantee: We’ll replace a tenant who terminates their lease early at absolutely zero costs to you. In addition, we’ll pay you one- and a half months’ rent in case a tenant leave early.
  • Maintenance Guarantee: We guarantee quality maintenance services. Should the repair not be done correctly, we’ll fix it at absolutely no cost to you.

      Ready to learn more? You can get in touch with us by dialing (208) 856-8000. We’ll be happy to take you through our proven property management services, as well as answer any questions you might have.


    Our Property Management Services

    Keyrenter Boise offers a full suite of property management services. From finding tenants to collecting rent, property maintenance, tenant eviction and rental pricing. We’ll help you overcome any challenges you may be facing.

    The following is a list of our property management services:

    Optimizing Your Rental Value

    Are you just getting started and are not sure how to price your rental property?

    If so, Keyrenter Boise can help. We can help you set proper pricing that will ensure your property meets the market value, attracts the right tenant, and guarantees you optimum ROI. Among other things, we’ll conduct a comparative marketing analysis to help you find out how your property compares to others in the market.


    Marketing Your Property

    Property marketing is an essential skill for any landlord to have. As the way you market your rental property can make all the difference. Our main goal is to reach as many potential tenants as possible.

    We make use of both online and offline strategies. Which involves using yard signs, bulletin boards, social media, rental listing signs, and local classifieds, among other things. We also create attractive rental ads, that are attention-grabbing. They include captivating headlines, a descriptive summary section, and quality HD photos.

    Our ads are meant to target the right tenants. That is, tenants who will afford rent payments, care for their rented premises, and renew their leases at least once, among other desirable qualities.

    Screening Your Tenants

    Keyrenter Boise believes in renting to the most qualified tenant. For this reason, we screen every tenant that shows interest in renting any of our clients’ rental properties. We screen them on the basis of certain core criteria. Including:

    • How much income they make every month. This helps us establish whether a tenant makes enough income to afford rent payments.
    • What credit rating a tenant has. We aim for tenants who have high credit ratings, as that usually means they are financially responsible.
    • Whether a tenant has been evicted before. We only rent to tenants with no prior eviction history. We are able to determine that by running background checks on prospects and calling prior landlords.
    • Whether a tenant is able to hold down a job. We avoid job hoppers at all costs in order to minimize cases of late or missed rent payments.

     At the end of it all, we’re able to rent to a desirable tenant that ensures your property remains profitable for a long time.


    Resolving Maintenance Issues

    There is simply no way to avoid maintenance issues as a landlord – it’s a fact. Be that as it may, we ensure that we respond to issues as quickly as possible in order to prevent them from becoming serious and costly.

    We will also regularly inspect your Ada County rental property to ensure it is always in tiptop shape.

    About Ada County, ID

    Ada County is located in the southwestern area of Idaho. The county includes the state’s capital city, Boise, and its home to five other distinct municipalities of Eagle, Star, Meridian, Kuna, and Garden City. As of the latest census, Ada County is estimated to be home to about 470,000 residents, making it the largest county in Idaho.

    Ada County is nestled where the high desert meets the western edge of the Rocky Mountains. Some of the top things to do and see include:

    • Boise Art Museum.
    • Idaho Botanical Garden
    • Old Idaho Penitentiary Site
    • Freak Alley Gallery
    • Zoo Boise
    • Boise River Greenbelt

    Apart from these fine recreational activities, Ada County is also known for having a rich agricultural heritage. Principal crops grown there include canola, safflower, mustard, rapeseed, flax, and sunflower.

    Source: Wikipedia

    Areas We Service

    We service the areas of Boise, CaldwellEagleGarden CityKunaMeridianMiddletonNampa, and Star. Keyrenter Boise is also constantly expanding to cover more areas.