Real estate is tried and tested as an investment option for those looking for a healthy return on investment. Boise real estate has proven itself time and time again by giving owners a stable income and appreciating in value. Investment in property also serves as a great hedge against inflation.

When selecting a location to invest in, a few markets can match up to Boise. The real estate market has been doing well over the years and may continue that way. But for those who are looking to invest in Boise, you are going to need the expertise and advice from a local property management firm that can help you navigate any technicalities.

At Keyrenter Boise, we are a leading property management firm and we have compiled this article to help show you why Boise is a great place to invest in.

A Look at the Boise Real Estate Market

First and foremost, we must mention the increased demand for rentals in the region. There is a shortage on the supply side as developers and local authorities struggle to keep up with demand. What this means is that landlords are able to ask for a higher rental amount.

If you are an investor looking to rent out your home who likes to use unique strategies, you can choose to invest in student housing. Thanks to Boise State University, there is a constant stream of students and graduates all year long.


As a potential property owner and landlord, you must also consider whether your renters have the ability to pay their rent. Consequently, the availability of jobs in the area has led to an increase in the local population as professionals migrate to take the opportunity of jobs in the area.

Some of the notable companies that are located in Boise include Hewlett Packard, Micron Technology, and Simplot.

Tips When Investing in Boise Real Estate

Know Your Budget and Limits

In a competitive market such as Boise, you will find yourself impressed by the variety of rental properties in different Boise neighborhoods. But we recommend that you target a property that is within your financial range. You should also remember that before you close the deal, you have other financial obligations that may need to be met.

In addition, consider the cost of maintenance and upkeep. A luxury single-family residence on a half an acre lot will ask more of you in terms of maintenance.

Keep Watch for a Bargain

There are some investment properties that are cheaper than other properties in the market. But, upon closer inspection, you will realize that the properties require substantial repairs and renovations before they can be deemed renter ready. These properties are referred to as fixer-uppers.

They can be a great investment if you have experience in repairing homes. You could also work with experienced handymen who can offer you affordable rates for repairs. When done right, a fixer-upper can be the ideal investment.


Do the Math

Knowing your return on Investment is incredibly important. Successfully investing in real estate is much like running a business. So, you must consider the flow of money in and out of the property. Calculating the potential income and expenses that will be incurred can give you the necessary information you need to decide whether to invest or not.

These calculations will provide you with the return on investment (ROI), which you can compare with other possible purchases and make the best investment.

Hire a Property Management Company

The success of your rental property depends on the quality of your property management. As the landlord, you will be expected to maintain the property in a good condition, comply with the provisions of local laws, and also meet your tenants’ requests and maintenance demands.

When a property is well managed, a tenant will feel satisfied and may be willing to extend the lease agreement. But many property owners lack the time and energy to properly manage their properties.

In this case, it is recommended that you hire a reliable and expert property management company to meet the daily needs of your property and those of your tenants.

Keyrenter Boise is such a property management company. We have years of experience managing property of all manner. Our property managers comprehensively meet the needs of a large portfolio of single-family residences, condos, and apartments in the area.


Get in touch with us today and receive a quote on our comprehensive property management services.

Bottom Line

As you can see, purchasing an investment property is more than just randomly selecting a property in a desirable neighborhood. You need to assess the market, collect information, and put in the work. Some of this information might not be readily available to you, so you may need to call in a local expert to help you out.

Get in touch with the #1 property management company in Boise, Keyrenter Boise Property Management. We understand the complexities that come with the property market and can help you make the right decision. Our help and professional expertise can also come in handy during the management of the property.

With Keyrenter Boise as your property manager, you can expect your property to be well taken care of. Every aspect of the business will be handled. Your tenants will enjoy a smooth experience leasing your property resulting in stable income for you and a higher ROI.