Are you looking to invest in Boise, ID real estate?

Boise is packed with beautiful and growing neighborhoods where residents can experience a great quality of life. The city of Boise also has many recreational activities that will keep you energized including a variety of parks, hikes, and other natural wonders.

The good news for property investors is that you will find a lot of affordable real estate in Boise. Property prices have been rising since the past year but you can still find median housing prices at a fair $250,000 in select Boise neighborhoods.

Boise’s growth isn’t looking to slow down in the future, as many families and young professionals are moving to the area for its low taxes, an abundance of job opportunities, and the cities surrounding nature. So as a landlord, you can benefit from the high demand for housing, and maximize your return on investment.

In this article, we here at Keyrenter Boise will go over the best areas in Boise that you should consider for your next investment property. You’ll learn which neighborhoods hold promises for real estate investors in this part of Idaho.

Best Boise Neighborhoods to Buy Real Estate

Northeast Boise

Northeast Boise is an area famous for its wide array of property types. From condo units to townhomes and single-family homes, all are available in Northeast Boise. The area’s prices are also suitable for a variety of budgets. It’s also located only a few minutes from downtown.


With a property in Northeast Boise, you can target families raising kids, singles, vacationers, and outdoor enthusiasts. Northeast Boise is delightful for those seeking adventure and recreation with its plethora of water and winter activities from water skiing and boating to snowboarding and snow skiing.

If you’re based in Northeast Boise, it also means being nearby to the Idaho Botanical Gardens, where one can enjoy musical performances, especially in the summers when concerts are hosted. In addition, there are plenty of restaurants and nightlife options within reach since it’s not too far from the downtown area.

Downtown Boise

Real estate investors can also choose to purchase condos and townhomes in Downtown Boise for their rental units. They can attract tourists, young professionals, couples, and small-sized families who desire to stay in an urban space.

Being central is advantageous as renters can easily head to work in a short time by riding a bike or walking. Tourists can also stay for a quick jaunt in Boise’s historic area, where local attractions are found.

Residents can enjoy the local artists and entrepreneurs gathering each month to hold a street fair, making it a lively event at the heart of the city. Art performances and arts and crafts are some of the things you can enjoy here.

East End Boise


For investors seeking neighborhoods with high investment returns, the East End is recommended. It’s attractive to families for its outstanding schools, well-designed infrastructure for families, and wide green spaces.

It can also be fitting for retirees who are looking to spend their days in peace or engage in nature activities, such as going on hikes or riding their bikes.

North End

North End is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Boise, but with property prices beyond $500K it can turn off some investors. But there is potential to find Boise properties under this value. This might seem a challenge, but it’s worth your while given that rental demand is high in this area for its exclusive amenities.


If you plan to put up a rental here, you can easily target families with kids since it’s in close proximity to superb schools. Professionals are also attracted to making the Highlands a residential base for the abundance of job opportunities in this area. Large companies are setting up their offices here.

Boise Bench

An area nearby downtown is Boise Bench, where residents can enjoy being close to downtown while still enjoying nature. So, it’s near enough to the central area to enjoy the city’s conveniences but it also offers impressive nature views.

Property investors will find a wide array of housing types in Boise Bench, including different architectural designs from many periods.


Northwest Boise

Northwest Boise offers affordable properties with prices anywhere between $100K and $500K. The growth in this area is also fast and you can easily find renters of various demographics. It provides easy access to golf courses and country landscapes which is suitable for retirees and older professionals.

For young families and young professionals, Northwest Boise also offers a great range of entertainment, dining, and shopping options. Many natural attractions are also found here, making it a great place for tourists.

Northwest Boise offers property investors the opportunity to target families, tourists, and professionals that are just beginning their careers and want to enjoy staying in modern homes that are reasonably priced. With Northwest Boise located near other cities with progressive growth, residents staying here have more choices in terms of careers.

In a Nutshell: Best Real Estate Markets in Boise

Boise is a city that has been on the map of real estate investors thanks to its natural wonders, growing economy, job opportunities, modern conveniences, and outdoor recreation.

So, if you are looking to purchase Boise real estate, you may want to consider Northeast Boise, Downtown Boise, Highlands, East End, North End, Boise Bench, and Northwest Boise.  Don’t hesitate to contact us at Keyrenter Boise today if you have questions about investment opportunities in Boise, ID!

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